Client Page - Christine Rosander

Vocalist Christine Rosander has the kind of voice that makes you want to laugh, cry and even shout a “Hallelujah!” or two. Her sultry mix of gospel — honed by a childhood of singing in church choir — country, folk, and jazz, warms the spirit with a captivating, earthy power. The soundtrack to Christine Rosander’s life started before she was born, her mother a piano teacher and singer, pregnant with her when she was a voice major in college. Christine grew up in northern California near Sacramento, the beginning of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the distance, her family’s church, Elk Grove First Baptist, where Christine went to Wednesday night prayer meetings, Sunday morning and evening services, her father a driving force in attendance. It was there she learned, getting the congregation ready to hear the sermon by singing to the top of the church rafters, that music healed, music made hurting souls well. She had found the power of music. Years later, when she was introduced to jazz, she remembered back to a Sunday night church service and Mr. Stan Hagstrom singing, “There is a Balm in Gilead,” which inspired Christine to do a jazz version on her first album, “Smooth Ride,” earning an “Independent Female Vocalist of the Year” nomination from the Los Angeles Music Awards.


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