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Bill Wence Rocky Fork Tavern Bill started playing piano in his early teens in Salinas, California in the 50's. He worked in the lettuce fields in the summers with the "braceros" and started playing piano with Bobby Bare during his junior year in High School while Bare was stationed in the Army at nearby Fort Ord. He worked the "honky tonks" in California, Oregon and Alaska throughout the 60's, moving to Nashville in 1973, where he hit the road, working with Tom T. Hall for over 1000 shows.

He had cuts as a writer by Ronnie McDowell, Cristy Lane and others, as well as having four consecutive Billboard singles under his name on the Country charts in 1979-80.

Tiring of the road life, Bill opened up his radio promotions company in 1980 and he still has a very successful company to this day.

He never did stop writing songs and put out a top 30 Americana album in 2001 called "California Callin'." 615 Records and Bill hope you enjoy his new album, "Songs from the Rocky Fork Tavern." They've been a long time comin'.

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"My friend, Bill Wence, has finally let loose with a new album and it's a fine piece of Work. We have shared the love of songs for years. Please give the music a listen. You'll smile and you'll feel the love."
                                                                                        -- Mary Gauthier

"I am so enjoyin' your record. Thank you for introducing me to your music, you old rock and roller. The songs are so good and your voice has such a Country soul. I'm really enjoying driving around with it playing LOUD."

                                                                                        -- Mare Winningham

Bill Wence CD Bill's "California Callin'" Goes Top 40 on the Album Network's Americana Roots chart!
Bill Wence has had his songs recorded by Ronnie McDowell, Cristy Lane, Bobby G. Rice, Orion and others. He had four consecutive Billboard chart singles under his name during 1979 and 1980, peaking mid-chart.

His 2001 album, "California Callin" stayed in the top 40 in the Album Networks "Americana Roots" chart for most of the summer of 2001.

Many Americana folks know Bill Wence the promoter, but that's not all Bill does with this time. Bill's two-year project, "California Callin,'" includes Debra Davis, Jonell Mosser and Adie Grey joining him on vocals. the Amazing Rhythm Aces help create a feel-good country sound. "Bill is a national treasure as far as country music is concerned," says Tom T. Hall.

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"I have known Bill Wence since he was a kid in California (1959). He was a talented musician even then. He has been on tour with me many times and has always been great. Now at last! Bill has his own album. Even though I'm biased, believe me, it's a wonderful album."

                                                                                        -- Bobby Bare

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